Monday, 3 October 2011

Skull Studies

 Figure 1. Giraffe Skull

Figure 2. Human Skull

The Giraffe has a truly Fantastic skull already and I'm almost reluctant to alter it in any way but the posibilities the creature holds are just too exciting. I think the horns are a must for my hybridization along with the nasal ridge as they are a major defining feature on the Giraffes head, also the wide set eyes as they conjure up an almost melancholic demeanour which I think will help me greatly as I try to tread the imperfect path of humanity.

However the feature that grasps a large portion of my focus is simply this, the Giraffe has no front teeth on it's upper jaw. I really want to incorporate this into my own face purely because I think it'll be hilarious but trying to avoid the trap of humour will be a tough one.

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