Thursday, 13 October 2011

                  Figure 1.           (Two minute sketches, pencil)          Figure 2.


          Figure 3.      (25 minute sketches, pencil and charcoal)      Figure 4.

                                           Figure 5.  (30 minutes, charcoal)

I enjoyed the warm-up exercises (see Figures 1 & 2) which consisted of about eleven 2 minute sketches. these really helped me to get back into the flow of drawing after a weeks break. Figures 3 & 4 are focusing mainly on proportion and I can definitely see an improvement from the first few weeks of life drawing. We had a model change after this and Figure 5 is also more about proportion than tone or weight of lines but I was still able to chuck some in there. I know the head is a bit small but the models head was actually quite small in comparison to her body (no offence intended).


  1. Hi freddie, how is your splice development coming along, is no evidence on here of any progress.

  2. It's Not going as well as I'd have hoped I'm afraid Ruben. I'm having loads of trouble with my student Finance at the moment. I thought it was all sorted but I have no money at all, I'm late on this months rent I'm late on this terms tuition fees I'm competely stressing about money. I miss my friends and family too. basically the Same old sob story at the moment.

  3. I fully understand your position, I have been there throughout this 3 years many times, not having any support to live by the student finance was tough. i will only offer supporting words, to keep calm and carry on, and although the struggling, it is a shame to waste talent for such a ridiculous cause that affect most os us.

    In my case, the struggle was immense and although had a lot of support from my girlfriend here, and family back in Portugal, I was only able to face the problems with a lot of courage and passion for what I really want to pursue.

    hope stuff gets better, but once again dont let this, affect your performance in the course, it only can get better :)

    good luck!

  4. thanks man you really calmed me down with that last post :) I'm sure everything will be fine it's just the shock of everything going wrong all at once has thrown me off course a little bit but as you said it can only get better :)