Monday, 3 October 2011

Life Drawing

             Figure 1                              Figure 2                                Figure 3

Figure 1 is just me tentatively drawing with an HB pencil taking care not to make any mistakes, drawing lightly and making sure every little detail is in before moving on to the next part of the...THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO DRAW!!! I'm not a beginner at life drawing so I should be avoiding obvious traps like this one.

Figure 2 is much more of a free flowing drawing with a loose style. Here I am attempting to bring the picture out of the page using only tones and shades and using the whole arm and not just the wrist to draw. No lines at all. Although I had to cheat a bit with the hair I feel this was a really successful drawing that I really enjoyed creating. Drawn mostly with a 6B to really get those dark tones on the page. the picture's not to good tonally but that just the camera I assure you.

Figure 3 is supposed to be landscape but Blogger wouldn't accept the file in any other orientation than this. Again looking more in depth at form and as opposed to a simple line drawing. I wasn't a huge fan of this position mainly because of the perspective so that shall be my main focus next time.

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