Monday, 3 October 2011

Head Studies

                Figure 1.                         Figure 2.                             Figure 3.

 Some profile sketches of me and my animal. The picture of the Giraffe I took from the internet and the two of me were accomplished with a complex series of mirrors I hooked up in my room as My webcam's stopped working... spending so much time looking at myself I have come to the very groundbraking and shocking conclusion .....that I could probaly do with a shave.


  1. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey Fred,

    Obviously we talked about the 'lack' of the formal OGR document as requested, so I won't re-invent the wheel here, but suffice to say - and this is a formal request - I want you to put together a summary document, upload it to Scribed and embed into your blog template, just so you know what it means next time and practically, how to do it. You may find you want to organise your reviews this way anyway.

    Look, at risk of wagging my finger, it's obvious to me that you're a bright, talented and sensitive individual (I still remember the work in your portfolio at interview - because much of it was beautiful), but let me be clear; you should be working SO hard right now, not out of guilt or anxiety, or because 'tutorphil' is expecting it (and he is, by the way), but because you're so clear-eyed about what it takes to actually make it in a creative industry as hyped and over-subscribed as this one that you're leaving absolutely nothing to chance - because, hey, you want to be the best in the room. You can clearly draw, but you're obviously sitting on work, losing time somehow, maybe being precious and polishing studies that served their practical, educative purpose hours back, and you're simply not making enough creative noise. I've got absolutely no idea how you're hybrid idea is progressing, no idea what you may or may not be considering writing for your written assignment, no idea how you're progressing with Maya, or with Photoshop since you last posted your debut painting... in otherwords, you may as well be working in a hermetically sealed bubble on 'planet Rolph' when the whole point is to work discursively, and in full sight of your creative peers and betters - otherwise, what's the point of joining a creative community in the first place? Okay, lecture over - but the gauntlet is down. Consider yourself challenged to action...

    ... and get a fully functioning Scribd precis of your hybrid ideas on this blog asap.

  2. hi fred, just read your ogr feedback from phil, and without giving your second headache, i will just give some suggestions to go from this point onwards in order to succeed in this unit. when asked to understand the anatomy, try to actually digging into bone structure, and muscle not only of humans but of your animal, then you try some hybrid suggestions, just like that photoshop drawing, explore your splice in many different ways, just so you will see how to go from that point onwards. one other suggestion is get on with fast sketches, polished ones are only time consuming, at this stage what you need is the fast exploration and understanding of your splice. Also, play around with photoshop and create a few silhouettes, of possible ideas. then begin to develop.

    hope it helps...

  3. thanks for the feedback guys. I'll take it on board and hopefully be back on track within a few days. x