Thursday, 16 February 2012

Unit 4: Very Early Visualisation

 I drew this storyboard 2 weeks ago and forgot to upload it. it's an initial visualisation of my original third idea. I'm currently changing the idea but this gave me a very good idea of where I was going. it's probably not too clear to anyone besides me but I put in a few descriptions. the character doesn't have a design at the moment so it's just a wooden model type figure.

Art Gallery at night. Security Guard walks by whistling. Camera pans past the large marble statue in the centre of the room and round to a white marble pedestal and then down to a matchbox concealed just behind it. The matchbox slowly opens and a little man pokes his head out and gazes sadly up at the statue.

He drags himself out of the matchbox and shuffles his way forward a few steps before turning and climbing up onto the Pedestal. the camera follows him over, down the other side of the pedestal. he carries on walking.

 He stops for a second and turns to look up at the statue. sighing again he continues until his foot brushes against something on the ground. he looks down and picks up a hairclip. struck with a sudden idea he looks back to the statue then to his matchbox house.

 he sprints back the way he came with the hairclip held out infront of him. He screeches to a halt by his matchbox and dives in emerging seconds later with a matchstick. closeup on his eyes.

 looking back at the stautue, this time with a big smile on his face. he turns to the pedestal and starts to hit the match head to the end of the hairclip like a hammer and chisel. camera moves from bottom to top crossfading the man in to show the passage of time.

...THE NEXT MORNING... the security guard whistles his way into the room and spots that a mini replica of the big statue has been carved out of the pedestal. camera zooms in on the mini statue.

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