Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Unit 4: Initial Log Line

I have decided to further explore my third Idea and to just define a few of the rough edges in it. At the moment there are only two characters. The main Sculptor and the art gallery Security Guard. The idea that I'm exploring requires little to no dialogue from either of the characters as they don't interact with each other and talking to themselves for the sake of telling the audience what's going on seems silly to me. I would like to express their emotions and thoughts through facial expressions and body position.

So far neither of the characters have names so I'm referring to them as “The Sculptor” and “The Security” guard just to make it a bit easier for myself. They also don't have back stories as of yet so bare with me.

Log Line

The Sculptor is a tiny reclusive man who lives inside a matchbox tucked just behind a pedestal in the corner of the room at an Art Gallery. He feels sad (possibly depressed) in the presence of the huge statue in the middle of the room until he finds something that helps him reshape (literally) his passion for sculpting.

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  1. this is a ludicrous suggestion, but check this out. its been rattling around in my head as i draft up my loglines, and as weird an example as it is, it really does summarise the logline perfectly
    sorry for the horrible quality.