Monday, 7 November 2011

Unit 2. Space. OGR


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  1. OGR 08/11/2011

    Hey Fred,

    Okay - let's get the bit that makes my job so boring out of the way first - you know, the bit where I ask an apparently intelligent individual to simply complete the tasks required of them by the brief - a brief designed to ensure that said 'apparently intelligent individual' has multiple opportunities to enrich their writing/reading/researching/drawing/Maya-ing skills - which are the skills said individual needs to be successful and is anyway paying for...

    Through gritted teeth, Fred, I enquire after your unit 2 reviews, because, after all, I spent considerable face time with you impressing upon you the importance of completing them, and was suitably encouraging when you finally posted one example in Unit 1. I would hate to think that you're getting to believe you maybe a 'special case' who is somehow immune from the reality of this course and its structure. Let me assure you, Fred, that you are not a special case, and all the impressive thumbnails in the world do not change the fact that you are expected to complete the reviews like everyone else - because, Fred - if you do so, you may just become a writer and thinker of some sophistication. In all seriousness, you need to pull your head out of the sand (or wherever you've got it stuck currently) and engage with the aspects of this course that challenge you. Please do not make me enquire after your reviews again, because enquiries like that make my job administrative and dull and I am neither.

    Okay - so, let's talk now about those 'impressive thumbniails' etc. What your OGR makes clear is your enthusiasm for your source material and for the Unit more generally - and that is exciting to see. I very much like the photoshop painting 'not' included in the OGR - of the house on the hill, because I like distortion and exaggeration of it and the sense it gives that this is not 'the world' but the world according to Fred Rolph X Poe. I would certainly encourage a bold, stylised approach throughout. One movie I suggest you watch is the 1963 Robert Wise directed The Haunting - great haunted house movie, with a very menacing house and some great interiors. I've got it in the CGAA office, so pop in and get it.

    There's no essay intro on here - which worries me - (see previous comment). Fred - it is one thing to play excitedly with a ball, it is another to let all the other balls drop whilst doing so - yes, you're enjoying the 60% creative project bit, but try and do so not at the expense of everything else. Really successful CGAA students are those that prize project management and multi-tasking. You could be very good - an asset to the course, but like I said, you're not a special case, so do all of the work all of the time.

    I want to see ALL Worlds Apart reviews on here, Fred, before the last two films next week - and your written assignment proposal. Do not disappoint.