Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Life Drawing

my apologies to Phil for the poor quality/lighting of the pictures.

Figure Study 1

25 min life drawing

First time I've really put pencil to paper in almost a year. I am quite happy with this result. Having said that I do regret not paying more attention to her right leg which appears to be woefully short although the rest of the proportions seem to be roughly correct.

Figure Study 2

Study of me by everyone else. roughly 25 mins

Figure Study 3

20 min life drawing


  1. Hey, loving the second study ;)

  2. Hey Fred, I think you wanted to chat today, but I was busy sharing crap trailers with the 2nd years as part of their Retrofest unit. If you've got a question about the project etc. just create a bespoke post and entitle it '@Phil' so it draws the eye. I'm in tomorrow (thursday), so maybe between your lecture and seminar, we can catch up. How are those giraffe genes treating you? ;)