Thursday, 8 March 2012

Unit 5: A Bit of Research

Be Our Guest

A bit of research around dancing kitchen appliances. Of course the classic Beauty and the Beast, "Be our Guest." There aren't any dancing pepper mills but there are some salt shakers get down with it and the general principal is the same, also the glass vases full of water and flowers are a good idea of what I want a secondary character to look like.

Argentine Tango
Phil also suggested I check out some Argentine Tango as it is a very lustful dance and is perfect for where I want to go with my animation.


The begining 2 mins of this video, taken from The Moulin Rouge, are also Tango but it shows the strong, powerful, jealous, Alpha male that I want my character to be.

Paso Doble
Paso Doble is a traditional Spanish style dance quite similar in many ways to the tango but the paso dobel is more upbeat and uplifting whereas the Tango is about Passion and lust


  1. Hey, here's a link to today's Morph Animation if you want to post it on your blog;
    Nat :)

    1. wicked cool. Thanks for putting that together for me Nat it looks good. :D